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These little guys might look cute and cuddly in some pictures, but I assure you that is not the case. Rats and Mice are catalysts for diseases. Hantavirus, Rat-Bite Fever, and Salmonella are just to name a few….And if that doesn’t get your immune system going, the Roof Rat, or the Black Rat, is actually the same rodent that introduced the Plague which killed approximately 30 – 60% of Europe’s total population. It just so happens that this very same rat is one of the most common rats found right here in Central Florida.

Not only are rodents vessels of for disease, but they also can cause quite a bit of property damage. Chewed up electrical wires, punctured plumbing lines, and gnawed wood are some examples of what you can expect when these furry little bacteria transporters take up residence in your home or establishment. So if you decide to let these guys run amock on your property, you’d better be ready for a hefty repair bill!

Most commonly found in our area are the Norway Rat, Roof Rat, and House Mouse. They all have a lot of the same habits but there are some tell tale signs indicating which rodent you are dealing with:

black rat removal

Roof Rat

These rodents tend to hang around yes, you guessed it….your roof!….and high places. Although they can also be found near the ground, they like to be far above it. If you think you may be dealing with roof rats, the first thing you might want to look in to is trimming back trees that overhang and act as highways for rats to gain access to your home.

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brown rat removal

Norway Rat

These stubby rats are more commonly found on the ground. They are a little larger than the roof rat with furry tails and slightly smaller ears. Other names for this rat are the Brown Rat, Sewer Rat, House Rat, and Barn Rat just to name a few. Both the Roof Rat and Norway Rat carry diseases and cause the same amount of destruction so be on alert if you hear scratching coming from your walls or attic at night!

house mouse removal

House Mouse

This rodent, much smaller than a rat, is one in particular to look out for. Being so small in size, the House Mouse is capable of squeezing in to openings as small as a 1/4 inch. If they want to get in and they have found a crack in some softer wood, they will chew a hole big enough to slide right in. The thing to remember with all rodents is that if there is warmth, food, and water they will do anything they can to make it there home.

Rodent problems start increasing in the colder months. I know we are in Florida, but even the little bit of cold that we have will drive them indoors. Don’t be a victim to rodent damage. Look out for signs of activity. Droppings are a big give away that you have visitors. Always be on the look out for cracks in your foundation and holes in wood. If you find possible entry points for rats and mice, be sure to seal them up!

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